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MochiKit - makes JavaScript suck a bit less


To turn on MochiKit's compatibility mode, do this before loading MochiKit:

When compatibility mode is on, you must use fully qualified names for all MochiKit functions (e.g.

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Version History

2006-04-29 v1.3.1 (bug fix release)

  • Fix sendXMLHttpRequest sendContent regression
  • Internet Explorer fix in MochiKit.Logging (printfire exception)
  • Internet Explorer XMLHttpRequest object leak fixed in MochiKit.Async

2006-04-26 v1.3 "warp zone"

  • IMPORTANT: Renamed MochiKit.Base.forward to forwardCall (for export)
  • IMPORTANT: Renamed MochiKit.Base.find to findValue (for export)
  • New MochiKit.Base.method as a convenience form of bind that takes the object before the method
  • New MochiKit.Base.flattenArguments for flattening a list of arguments to a single Array
  • Refactored MochiRegExp example to use MochiKit.Signal
  • New key_events example demonstrating use of MochiKit.Signal's key handling capabilities.
  • MochiKit.DOM.createDOM API change for convenience: if attrs is a string, null is used and the string will be considered the first node. This allows for the more natural P("foo") rather than P(null, "foo").
  • MochiKit Interpreter example refactored to use MochiKit.Signal and now provides multi-line input and a help() function to get MochiKit function signature from the documentation.
  • Native Console Logging for the default MochiKit.Logging logger
  • New MochiKit.Async.DeferredList, gatherResults, maybeDeferred
  • New MochiKit.Signal example: draggable
  • Added sanity checking to Deferred to ensure that errors happen when chaining is used incorrectly
  • Opera sendXMLHttpRequest fix (sends empty string instead of null by default)
  • Fix a bug in MochiKit.Color that incorrectly generated hex colors for component values smaller than 16/255.
  • Fix a bug in MochiKit.Logging that prevented logs from being capped at a maximum size
  • MochiKit.Async.Deferred will now wrap thrown objects that are not instanceof Error, so that the errback chain is used instead of the callback chain.
  • MochiKit.DOM.appendChildNodes and associated functions now append iterables in the correct order.
  • New MochiKit-based SimpleTest test runner as a replacement for Test.Simple
  • MochiKit.Base.isNull no longer matches undefined
  • example doctypes changed to HTML4
  • isDateLike no longer throws error on null
  • New MochiKit.Signal module, modeled after the slot/signal mechanism in Qt
  • updated elementDimensions to calculate width from offsetWidth instead of clientWidth
  • formContents now works with FORM tags that have a name attribute
  • Documentation now uses MochiKit to generate a function index

2006-01-26 v1.2 "the ocho"

  • Fixed MochiKit.Color.Color.lighterColorWithLevel
  • Added new MochiKit.Base.findIdentical function to find the index of an element in an Array-like object. Uses === for identity comparison.
  • Added new MochiKit.Base.find function to find the index of an element in an Array-like object. Uses compare for rich comparison.
  • MochiKit.Base.bind will accept a string for func, which will be immediately looked up as self[func].
  • MochiKit.DOM.formContents no longer skips empty form elements for Zope compatibility
  • MochiKit.Iter.forEach will now catch StopIteration to break
  • New MochiKit.DOM.elementDimensions(element) for determining the width and height of an element in the document
  • MochiKit.DOM's initialization is now compatible with HTMLUnit + JWebUnit + Rhino
  • MochiKit.LoggingPane will now re-use a _MochiKit_LoggingPane DIV element currently in the document instead of always creating one.
  • MochiKit.Base now has operator.mul
  • MochiKit.DOM.formContents correctly handles unchecked checkboxes that have a custom value attribute
  • Added new MochiKit.Color constructors fromComputedStyle and fromText
  • MochiKit.DOM.setNodeAttribute should work now
  • MochiKit.DOM now has a workaround for an IE bug when setting the style property to a string
  • MochiKit.DOM.createDOM now has workarounds for IE bugs when setting the name and for properties
  • MochiKit.DOM.scrapeText now walks the DOM tree in-order
  • MochiKit.LoggingPane now sanitizes the window name to work around IE bug
  • MochiKit.DOM now translates usemap to useMap to work around IE bug
  • MochiKit.Logging is now resistant to Prototype's dumb Object.prototype hacks
  • Added new MochiKit.DOM documentation on element visibility
  • New MochiKit.DOM.elementPosition(element[, relativeTo={x: 0, y: 0}]) for determining the position of an element in the document
  • Added new MochiKit.DOM createDOMFunc aliases: CANVAS, STRONG

2005-11-14 v1.1

  • Fixed a bug in numberFormatter with large numbers
  • Massively overhauled documentation
  • Fast-path for primitives in
  • New groupby and groupby_as_array in MochiKit.Iter
  • Added iterator factory adapter for objects that implement iterateNext()
  • Fixed isoTimestamp to handle timestamps with time zone correctly
  • Added new MochiKit.DOM createDOMFunc aliases: SELECT, OPTION, OPTGROUP, LEGEND, FIELDSET
  • New MochiKit.DOM formContents and enhancement to queryString to support it
  • Updated view_source example to use dp.SyntaxHighlighter 1.3.0
  • MochiKit.LoggingPane now uses named windows based on the URL so that a given URL will get the same LoggingPane window after a reload (at the same position, etc.)
  • MochiKit.DOM now has currentWindow() and currentDocument() context variables that are set with withWindow() and withDocument(). These context variables affect all MochiKit.DOM functionality (getElement, createDOM, etc.)
  • MochiKit.Base.items will now catch and ignore exceptions for properties that are enumerable but not accessible (e.g. permission denied)
  • MochiKit.Async.Deferred's addCallback/addErrback/addBoth now accept additional arguments that are used to create a partially applied function. This differs from Twisted in that the callback/errback result becomes the last argument, not the first when this feature is used.
  • MochiKit.Async's doSimpleXMLHttpRequest will now accept additional arguments which are used to create a GET query string
  • Did some refactoring to reduce the footprint of MochiKit by a few kilobytes
  • escapeHTML to longer escapes ' (apos) and now uses String.replace instead of iterating over every char.
  • Added DeferredLock to Async
  • Renamed getElementsComputedStyle to computedStyle and moved it from MochiKit.Visual to MochiKit.DOM
  • Moved all color support out of MochiKit.Visual and into MochiKit.Color
  • Fixed range() to accept a negative step
  • New alias to MochiKit.swapDOM called removeElement
  • New MochiKit.DOM.setNodeAttribute(node, attr, value) which sets an attribute on a node without raising, roughly equivalent to: updateNodeAttributes(node, {attr: value})
  • New MochiKit.DOM.getNodeAttribute(node, attr) which gets the value of a node's attribute or returns null without raising
  • Fixed a potential IE memory leak if using MochiKit.DOM.addToCallStack directly (addLoadEvent did not leak, since it clears the handler)

2005-10-24 v1.0

  • New interpreter example that shows usage of MochiKit.DOM to make an interactive JavaScript interpreter
  • New MochiKit.LoggingPane for use with the MochiKit.Logging debuggingBookmarklet, with logging_pane example to show its usage
  • New mochiregexp example that demonstrates MochiKit.DOM and MochiKit.Async in order to provide a live regular expression matching tool
  • Added advanced number formatting capabilities to MochiKit.Format: numberFormatter(pattern, placeholder="", locale="default") and formatLocale(locale="default")
  • Added updatetree(self, obj[, ...]) to MochiKit.Base, and changed MochiKit.DOM's updateNodeAttributes(node, attrs) to use it when appropiate.
  • Added new MochiKit.DOM createDOMFunc aliases: BUTTON, TT, PRE
  • Added truncToFixed(aNumber, precision) and roundToFixed(aNumber, precision) to MochiKit.Format
  • MochiKit.DateTime can now handle full ISO 8601 timestamps, specifically isoTimestamp(isoString) will convert them to Date objects, and toISOTimestamp(date, true) will return an ISO 8601 timestamp in UTC
  • Fixed missing errback for sendXMLHttpRequest when the server does not respond
  • Fixed infinite recusion bug when using roundClass("DIV", ...)
  • Fixed a bug in MochiKit.Async wait (and callLater) that prevented them from being cancelled properly
  • Workaround in MochiKit.Base bind (and partial) for functions that don't have an apply method, such as alert
  • Reliably return null from the string parsing/manipulation functions if the input can't be coerced to a string (s + "") or the input makes no sense; e.g. isoTimestamp(null) and isoTimestamp("") return null

2005-10-08 v0.90

  • Fixed ISO compliance with toISODate
  • Added missing operator.sub
  • Placated Mozilla's strict warnings a bit
  • Added JSON serialization and unserialization support to MochiKit.Base: serializeJSON, evalJSON, registerJSON. This is very similar to the repr API.
  • Fixed a bug in the script loader that failed in some scenarios when a script tag did not have a "src" attribute (thanks Ian!)
  • Added new MochiKit.DOM createDOMFunc aliases: H1, H2, H3, BR, HR, TEXTAREA, P, FORM
  • Use encodeURIComponent / decodeURIComponent for MochiKit.Base urlEncode and parseQueryString, when available.

2005-08-12 v0.80

  • Source highlighting in all examples, moved to a view-source example
  • Added some experimental syntax highlighting for the Rounded Corners example, via the LGPL dp.SyntaxHighlighter 1.2.0 now included in examples/common/lib
  • Use an indirect binding for the logger conveniences, so that the global logger could be replaced by setting MochiKit.Logger.logger to something else (though an observer is probably a better choice).
  • Allow MochiKit.DOM.getElementsByTagAndClassName to take a string for parent, which will be looked up with getElement
  • Fixed bug in MochiKit.Color.fromBackground (was using node.parent instead of node.parentNode)
  • Consider a 304 (NOT_MODIFIED) response from XMLHttpRequest to be success
  • Disabled Mozilla map(...) fast-path due to Deer Park compatibility issues
  • Possible workaround for Safari issue with swapDOM, where it would get confused because two elements were in the DOM at the same time with the same id
  • Added missing THEAD convenience function to MochiKit.DOM
  • Added lstrip, rstrip, strip to MochiKit.Format
  • Added updateNodeAttributes, appendChildNodes, replaceChildNodes to MochiKit.DOM
  • MochiKit.Iter.iextend now has a fast-path for array-like objects
  • Added HSV color space support to MochiKit.Visual
  • Fixed a bug in the sortable_tables example, it now converts types correctly
  • Fixed a bug where MochiKit.DOM referenced from global scope

2005-08-04 v0.70

  • New ajax_tables example, which shows off XMLHttpRequest, ajax, json, and a little TAL-ish DOM templating attribute language.
  • sendXMLHttpRequest and functions that use it (loadJSONDoc, etc.) no longer ignore requests with status == 0, which seems to happen for cached or local requests
  • Added sendXMLHttpRequest to MochiKit.Async.EXPORT, d'oh.
  • Changed scrapeText API to return a string by default. This is API-breaking! It was dumb to have the default return value be the form you almost never want. Sorry.
  • Added special form to swapDOM(dest, src). If src is null, dest is removed (where previously you'd likely get a DOM exception).
  • Added three new functions to MochiKit.Base for dealing with URL query strings: urlEncode, queryString, parseQueryString
  • MochiKit.DOM.createDOM will now use attr[k] = v for all browsers if the name starts with "on" (e.g. "onclick"). If v is a string, it will set it to new Function(v).
  • Another workaround for Internet "worst browser ever" Explorer's setAttribute usage in MochiKit.DOM.createDOM (checked -> defaultChecked).
  • Added UL, OL, LI convenience createDOM aliases to MochiKit.DOM
  • Packing is now done by Dojo's custom Rhino interpreter, so it's much smaller now!

2005-07-29 v0.60

  • Beefed up the MochiKit.DOM test suite
  • Fixed return value for MochiKit.DOM.swapElementClass, could return false unexpectedly before
  • Added an optional "parent" argument to MochiKit.DOM.getElementsByTagAndClassName
  • Added a "packed" version in packed/lib/MochiKit/MochiKit.js
  • Changed build script to rewrite the URLs in tests to account for the JSAN-required reorganization
  • MochiKit.Compat to potentially work around IE 5.5 issues (5.0 still not supported). Test.Simple doesn't seem to work there, though.
  • Several minor documentation corrections

2005-07-27 v0.50

  • Initial Release


Copyright 2005 Bob Ippolito <>. This program is dual-licensed free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT License or the Academic Free License v2.1.

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